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February 27, 2013 by Northfield

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Why Teach PE?

High quality PE curriculum enables all pupils to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity. They develop a wide range of skills and the ability to use tactics, strategies and compositional ideas to perform successfully. ACHIEVE AND EXCEL PE helps pupils develop personally and socially. They work as individuals, in groups and in teams, developing concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility. They take on different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating. Through the range of experiences that PE offers, they learn how to be effective in competitive, creative and challenging situations. ACHIEVE AND EXCEL


Key Stage 3

The high-quality PE curriculum at Northfield School and Sports College enables all pupils to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity. They develop a wide range of skills and the ability to use tactics, strategies and compositional ideas to perform successfully. When they are performing, they think about what they are doing, analyse the situation and make decisions. They also reflect on their own and others performances and find ways to improve them. Northfield School and Sports College uses PE and Sport to develop students confidence to take part in different physical activities and learn about the value of healthy, active lifestyles. Discovering what they like to do, what their aptitudes are at Northfield School and Sports College, and how and where to get involved in physical activity helps our students to make informed choices about lifelong physical activity.PE at Northfield School and Sports College helps pupils develop personally and socially. We promote concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility. Students take on different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating. Through the range of experiences that PE offers, they learn how to be effective in competitive, creative and challenging situations.
At Key Stage 3 pupils follow a broad curriculum including activities such as trampolining, dance, table tennis, hockey, netball, rugby, football, health related fitness, orienteering and basketball during the winter term. The summer term introduces sports such as rounder’s, cricket and athletics. Lessons are based on the five strands for national curriculum assessment and health related fitness plays a large role in this. Pupils are encouraged to achieve their potential and an extensive extra-curricular programme supports this.


Key Stage 4

Winners Photo

Stockton Schools Cross-Country Winners 2013 ACHIEVE AND EXCEL

Students will have 2 lessons of PE a week in Year 10 and Year 11. Each student during the two hours will be studying an examination course to allow them to receive a qualification in PE while continuing to be practically involved with sport.
Students will be placed into the course which staff feel is more appropriate to them to allow them to achieve the highest grade possible.Individuals who have a preference for a particular course should register this interest with a member of the PE staff.

What is the difference between the courses offered?


The course is divided into two sections; practical and theoretical. Students will develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject during the two year course. Students will receive one theory and one practical lesson per week.
The theory content includes:

  • Key concepts & processes in Physical Education.
  • Components of fitness, fitness testing & methods of training.
  • Factors affecting participation (school, age, gender, media etc.).
  • Characteristics of a healthy,balanced lifestyle.
  • Skill and motivation.
  • The muscular & skeletal system in physical activity.
  • Potential hazards and injuries in sport.
All students will sit an external examination paper at the end of the course which tests their understanding of the theory content. The papers include both multiple choice, short and longer answer questions.
The practical component is worth 60% of the overall GCSE grade and students’ practical ability is assessed through set criteria in a number of activities across two years. Students will take part in a range of physical activities which may include: Table Tennis, Trampolining, Athletics, Exercise to Music, Resistance Training, Rounders, Netball, Hockey and Badminton. Students will also complete 2 short pieces of written coursework as part of their practical grade, which is based on their ability to observe, analyse and suggest improvements upon their own or other’s performances, as well as looking at lifestyle influences. Students also have the opportunity to be assessed in officiating in different sports, and can be assessed in other sports not done in PE lessons if they regularly attend external clubs eg. ice hockey, figure skating, horse riding.INDIVIDUAL PROGRESS
In KS4, pupils are always kept fully aware of their progress in their course over the 2 years. Each student has a record sheet that records fully their marks awarded for each area of the course and they can use this to see where they are at and what marks they need to improve their grade further. Target setting is also done in both years to help focus and motivate students.

BTEC First Award in Sport

A BTEC Award is a practical, work-related course. You learn by completing projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands. At the end of the course you can use it alongside other qualifications to go into further education. The course allows you to develop the skills needed to start a career or go on to university.

What is the BTEC Sport course about?

  • Completing assignments with vocational scenarios that are related to the world of work in a PE setting.
  • Practical ability in activities is NOT assessed.
  • A range of assessment methods used includingt presentations, short essays, videos and leaflets..

What else is required?
You must:

  • Be hardworking, focused and organised – you will need to meet deadlines every week/term
  • Be able to work independently, in pairs or groups.

How is the course assessed?

  • Each unit is split into assignments and marked using PASS, MERIT, DISTINCTION criteria
  • PASS, MERIT, DISTINCTION grades are awarded for each unit.
  • Completion of assignment is ongoing and you will have the opportunity to improve your work.
  • Unit 1 is now externally assessed via an on screen test lasting 1 hour and is worth 25% of the final grade.
What is the course worth?
Traditional GCSE Level Equivalent

First Certificate: Pass – C
Merit – B
Merit/Distinction – A
All Distinctions – A*
What units will I Study?Unit 1 Fitness For Sport & Exexcise (Compulsory)
Topics included in this unit are:

  • Components of fitness.
  • Principles of training.
  • Training methods.
  • Fitness testing.

Unit 2 Practical Sport (Compulsory)
The aim of this unit is to develop learner knowledge of the rules, skills and techniques for one team and one individual sport through practical application. Students will participate in a number of activities over the two year course but complete assignments based on two.

Students will also complete two further units from the following:

Unit 3 The Mind & The Sports Performance

  • Personality & its effects on sports performance.
  • Motivation & goal setting.
  • Arousal & anxiety.

Unit 4 Sports Performer In Action

  • Short & long term effects of exercise
  • Energy systems


Unit 5 Training for Personal Fitness

  • Designing fitness training programmes.
  • Principles of training.

Unit 6 Leading Sports Activities

  • Leadership qualities.
  • Planning & leading an activity session.
  • Review session and suggest ways of improving.


What Skills and Qualities I might gain:
Independence, confidence, ability to use your initiative, ability to work as part of a team.What could I progress onto?

  • BTEC Nationals
  • A Levels
  • Careers within the sports industry
Students have the opportunity to opt for BTEC dance, a two year course where students have the opportunity to perform and choreograph dances. Students cover a wide range of dance styles and assessment is practical performance based alongside written assignments. There is no exam. For more information on the course follow this linkSPORTS LEADERS LEVEL 1This course offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. They will be taught how to plan for and lead physical activities, and how to organise and run different types of tournaments and competitions, in addition to considering the health and safety implications of the above.
The department offers a wide range of before, during and after school activities to suit all abilities. Attendance at any of these activities will greatly enhance students’ practical skills knowledge and understanding and will help to improve their practical grades at GCSE.
Departmental Staff:
Mr D Crofts (Director of Sport & Community)
Mr M Dwyer (Assistan Director of Sport)
Mrs A Comley (Head of Girls Physical Education)
Mr R Alderson Mrs A Charlton
Mr S Burge Mr P Sheahan
Miss S Bedford Mrs A Stenson
 Mr N Martin

Latest Posts

P.E. News



  • Year 11 Won 3-1 v Egglescliffe (League)
  • Year 11 Won 6-4 v St Michaels (National)
  • Year 11 Won 5-3 v Kings Academy (County)
  • Year 11 Lost 8-0 v St Leonards (National)


  • Year 10 Lost 12-2 v Egglescliffe (League and County Cup)
  • Year 10 Lost 3-1 v St Michaels (League)
  • Year 10 Won 4-3 v Wellfield (National)
  • Year 10 Lost 7-0 v Conyers (League)


  • Year 9 Lost 4-3 v Shotton Hall Academy (National)
  • Year 9 Won 9-1 v Grangefield (League)
  • Year 9 Won 3-2 v OLSB (League)


  • Year 8 Lost 3-1 v Macmillan (National)
  • Year 8 Lost 2-1 (League)
  • Year 8 Won 8-0 v High Tunstall (County)


  • Year 7 Lost 5-0 v Nunthorpe (National)
  • Year 7 Won 4-1 v OLSB (League)


  • U15 Girls Won 5-0 v High Tunstall (National)
  • U13 Girls Lost 1-1 on penalties v Biddick (National)
  • U13 Girls Won 5-4 on penalties (National)
  • U13 Girls Won Hartlepool United FC 6 a side competition at Dyke House School

District Team Honours

  • Year 8 – Terry Stephenson
  • Year 9 – Matthew Adamson, Damien Scott, Ben Metcalf, Logan McGregor
  • Year 10 – Jordan Jacques


U14 Girls Lost v Teesside High

Table Tennis

Northern area

  • Joe Clark won the Junior u17 singles
  • Will Dobinson won the u14 Cadets singles
  • Robert Forrest qualified for the National finals.


Sports News Update


Year 8 Athletics team Year 9 & 10 Athletics Team


  • Well done to the Year 8 Boys Athletics Team for qualifying for the Stockton Schools League Championships. The team that have competed in various events are Luke Cooper, Logan McGregor, Matthew Adamson, Taylor Briggs, Callum Maddren, James Martin, Damien Scott, Blake Hurst, Brandon Garbutt, Sam Gate and Ethan Hadfield. Also, well done to the Year 9 and 10 Boys and Girls Athletics for nearly qualifying and especially the boys missing out by 1 point.
  • Well done to the following pupils for representing Stockton Athletics team:- Holly Dunn – Shot Putt, Alicia Swales – 3000m, Ethan Capes – 70m Hurdles, Luke Myers – 800m, Oscar Ready – Hammer, Robbie Bain – Javelin, Harry Ward – 3000m, Quinn Burrell – 200m, Owen Appleton – 400m Hurdles, Callum Martin – 800m, Anthony Carter – 200m, Tom Weston – 400m. The following also qualified to represent Cleveland -:- Luke Myers, Tom Weston, Callum Martin, Harry Ward, Owen Appleton. Well done to all of these pupils.
  • Well done to the Year 7-10 Boys Athletics teams who finished 3rd overall at Gateshead Stockton Schools Championships.
  • Also the Year 8 Boys who finished 2nd in the ESAA Cleveland Athletics Championships held at Claireville.
  • Well done to the Year 8 Athletics team who finished 2nd in the Stockton Schools Athletics Final held at Eastbourne, Darlington. All the boys did very well and were very unlucky to lose to St Michaels. They have potential to become one of the best teams the school have had for a long time.
    Team:- Ethan Hadfield, Harry Prothero, Taylor Briggs, Damien Scott, Luke Cooper, Logan McGregor, James Martin, Callum Maddren, Blake Hurst, Brandon Garbutt, Matthew Adamson, Same Gate, and Terry Stephenson.

Cross Country

  • Well done to Hannah Featherstone, Luke Myers, Sean Toole, Callum Martin for representing Cleveland at the National Cross Country Championships held in Leicester.


  • 3 out of 5 football teams qualified for the District Cup play off finals. Year 8, Year 9, and Year 11. All finals were hosted at Northfield.
  • Northfield PE department organised a World Cup tournament within PE lessons for 1 week and all pupils really enjoyed it. The overall winners for Year 7 = Ecuador, Year 8 = Ecuador, Year 9 = Italy, Year 10 = Ecuador.


  • Well done to the Year 9 and 10 Cricket team, just losing to St Michaels in a tightly fought derby match. The team was Hasan Rasaq, Joe Bunn, Steven Ward, Connor Clearly, Kane Stringer, Owen Peacock, Daniel Foster, Reece Bird, Jack Champion.
  • Well done to the Year 8 Boys Cricket team who lost in the semi final at the Stockton School Championships. The team played very well and were unlucky not to get to the final. The team – Matthew Adamson, Luke Cooper, Will Dobinson, Taylor Briggs, Tom Hanrahan, Ethan Briggs, Ethan Hadfield, Logan McGregor, Sam Gate. The girls finished 2nd – Jada Ezekuede, Louise Atkinson, Abbi Calvert, Emily Caldwell, Holly Dunn, Lucy May.

Stockton School Games

  • 2 teams qualified for the Tees Valley games held at Eston on the 26th June. Table Tennis – Will Dobinson, Robert Forest, Cameron Elcot, Charlie Anderson, Charlie Rutherford, who won. Cycling – Joe Wilson, Luke Cooper, Terry Stephenson, Matthew Adamson who also won. The individual cycling final, Joe Wilson finished 2nd and Luke Cooper 3rd. Also the team won the relay.
    Andrew Green won the Table Tennis Disability Championship, he was unbeatable during the day. Well done to all pupils.

Athletics Gallery

Table Tennis Success

Joe Clark and Sophie Barlow gained medals in the National Championships in Doncaster on 31st May 2014. Joe reached the U14 final having beaten the No.1 seed Harry Dai in the quarter finals and No.3 seed James Smith in the semi finals. Joe lost to Alex Ramsden in the final to gain a silver medal.

Sophie Barlow was the No.2 seed in the girls U13 and reached the final against the No.1 seed Denise Payet. Sophie gained a silver medal for this event. Sophie also played in the U14 girls event. She was seeded 4th in this event and successfully reached the semi-final to gain a Bronze medal having lost to Denise Payet.

‘Look North’field!

Look North

Our student table tennis teams will be featured on today’s ‘Look North’.

Episodes at 1:30pm and 6:30pm!

Sporting Update


Cross Country
We have had 4 pupils from Northfield School qualify to represent Cleveland at the English Schools Cross Country Championship held in Leicester on Saturday 15th March.
Callum Martin Year 11, Hannah Featherstone Year 10, Luke Myers and Sean Toole Year 9.
This is a fantastic achievement. We done to all, from Mr Alderson.


Girls 5 a side
Well done to the Girls 5 a side team for winning the ESFA U12 Indoor 5 a side competition held at North Shields SoccerDome. The team beat Carmel and Ponteland. The team includes Eleanor Dale, Amy Grey, Brook Slate, Sorrell Gresham, Alex Breeron, Leah Shah and Ashton Shah.
The team now play in the National finals representing the North.

Indoor Athletics
Well done to the Year 8 Boys Indoor Athletics team who finished 3rd in Cleveland. The team Callum Maddren, Taylor Briggs, Logan McGregor, Charlie Rutherford, Peter Harbron, Jake West, Damien Scott, Matthew Adamson and Stephen Wearne. Well done!


The basketball team have lost 2 games v North Shore and All Saints but they are showing good progress and improving every week.

Sporting Achievements

1. Stockton Schools Cross Country Championships at Preston Park, Yarm

Well done to Luke Myers who finished 1st and Sean Toole 3rd in the Year 9 race. Hannah Featherstone who also finished 1st in the Year 10 race. Callum Martin finished 3rd in the Year 11 race. Other pupils who did well, are Jack Hall 11th, Ben Armstrong 16th, Max Adam 17th, Amy Gray 19th, Harry Ward 19th, Josh Grange 14th.

2. The following Year 9 pupils attended the Stockton Schools Leadership Academy to develop their leadership skills.

Nicholas Yianhoulis, Joe Clark, Jordan Jacques, Ben Bailey, Lewis Russell.

3. Football

Well done to the year 11 football for winning 8-0 against St Peters in Middlesbrough, the team are now in the quarter finals of the County Cup.

4. Athletics Well done to the year 8 Athletics team for finishing runners up in the Indoor Athletics competition.

Logan Mc Gregor, Peter Harbron, Matthew Adamson, Stephen Wearne, Tyler Briggs, Brandon Garbutt, Charlie Rutherford, Callum Maddren.

Tag Tastic!

all schools wave edit

On Wednesday 2nd October Northfield School hosted a tag rugby festival for all the primary schools in Billingham. It was a record turnout of 14 teams with over 140 year 5/6′s involved in a competitive afternoon of high quality tag rugby. After a hard fought tournament it was left to Roseberry and St Pauls to contest the final, which ended in a tie with both teams scoring 4 tries each. Priors Mill finished 3rd beating Roseberry B team in the 3rd/4th place play off. These 3 teams will now go on to represent Billingham in the Stockton finals at Billingham rugby club on 23rd October.


Athletics – League Winners

Northfield Year 9 and 10 Boys Athletics team won the Stockton Schools Athletics League. The final was at Eastbourne Sports Complex last week with a variety of schools involved.

Athletes that came first in their events were Leighton Abbott – 100m and Long Jump, Andrew Bryson – 200m, Callum Martin – 1500m, Tyler French – Shot Putt, Robbie Bain – Javelin and the Relay team – Leighton Abbott, Tom Donaghey, Joe Adair, Liam Archer.

Year 7 and 8 Boys team finished second with Rees Bell – Javelin, Luke Myers – 1500m finishing first in their own events.

The Year 9 and 10 Girls team finished third, they also had some very good performances especially from Megan Clark in the Long Jump.

Congratulations to all teams who reached the final. Northfield have won 4 Athletics shields this summer, which again proves the school has a lot of sporting talent that are determined to win.

Table Tennis Medalist

Sophie Barlow in year 7 won a bronze medal at the National Under 12 Table Tennis Finals losing to the champion in the semi finals.

Sophie has also come runner up in the English Masters Championships involving the top 12 players in the country. Sophie beat the number 1 seed and National Champion in the process.