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September 17, 2014 in Front Page News by Northfield

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Northfield in the News

September 30, 2014 in Front Page News by Miss S Silivistris

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Year 7 Parents’ Evening

September 29, 2014 in Front Page News by Northfield

Year 7 Parents Evening – Flipped!
Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th October

inverted image of an apple on booksYear 7 will pilot a new initiative to take the traditional form tutor parents evening and ‘flip it’ so that the emphasis is based on contributions from the students on their learning.

As a forward thinking school, Northfield is looking to engage parents as much as possible in the education of their child. Therefore the parents evening will be ‘flipped’. This means that unlike traditional consultation evenings where the parents and teachers do most of the talking, at this meeting it will be the students who will take the most active role. Students will present parents and the form tutor with a piece of work that has been prepared prior to the evening. The piece of work will be selected by students from a lesson which the student feels has invoked the most enjoyment, pride and progress since the start of the year. Therefore students are requested to attend the evening in full school uniform.

  • Each parent/ guardian and student will have a 10 minute appointment with their form tutor
  • Students will sit opposite parent & teacher and present / discuss a piece of work of their choice from any subject
  • All students are requested to attend on the evening and a member of the Senior Leadership team will step in to listen to presentations for any parents who are unable to attend
  • The piece of work will be prepared before the parents evening and the student must prepare to answer questions and explain their work, time will be allocated in Morning Form Time to do this
  • Some time will be allocated for discussion by parents and tutor and the guidance team will also be available on the evening
  • Mrs Fletcher (Acting SENCO) will also be available on the evening


  • To engage parents /guardians in their Child’s education
  • To develop the pastoral relationship through a focus of Learning
  • To develop students confidence in articulating their learning
  • To engage students in their learning and provide them with ‘challenge’


Which subject will you choose to present to your parent / guardian and your form tutor?

Students are required to present their ‘best piece of work’ and answer questions

  • Briefly explain your piece of work and what you learned from it
  • Indicate what level the piece of work is and what you need to do to improve it
  • Describe what skills / knowledge you have gained by completing the piece of work and how you will use it in other subjects
  • Why did you choose this piece of work?

Will you choose maths? Will you choose PE?Will you choose Geography?

by L Lucas


Community Volunteering Qualification- Success!

September 23, 2014 in Anti-Bullying, Front Page News, Year 10, Year 11 by L Lucas

Peer Supporters

Our Year 10 and 11 Peer Supporters have achieved their CVQ level 2 qualification by carrying out fantastic volunteering work throughout their time at Northfield School. This involved:

    • Being a part of the highly successful Anti-Bullying programme
    • Supporting students experiencing difficulties on a daily basis
    • Raising awareness of e-safety – writing and presenting e-safety-assemblies
    • Supporting Year 6 and Year 7 students throughout the Transition process
    • Organising and supporting the Year 6 parent Welcome Evening
    • Organising and running the Year 7 Christmas discos
    • Raising money for charity during Anti-Bullying Week
    • Having their volunteer work recognised by achieving the national Diana Award

The Peer Supporters have collected evidence of their volunteer activities and compiled some very impressive portfolios which were then assessed by ASDAN – they succeeded with flying colours! We’re all immensely proud of the work our Peer Supporters carry out and they fully deserve their success and it’s great to see their work recognised in this way.


A Night At The Movies

September 23, 2014 in Front Page News by Northfield

Northfield School is proud to present “A Night At The Movies”, on Thursday 25th September. All are welcome to come for what promises to be a fun family night out. All money raised will be split between Cancer Research and The Butterwick Hospice. Tickets are available from Miss Bartram throughout this week and on the door, adults £3 and children £2.


War Horse

September 18, 2014 in Drama, Front Page News by Miss C Dickinson

On 17th September, the Drama department took 50 year 11 students to Salfords Lowry Theatre in Manchester to see War Horse to coincide with the World War 1 commemorations taking place around school. The National Theatre had given us 55 free tickets and an Actor and Puppet workshop with Joey the horse. The workshop was tailored exactly to what our Year 11′s required to further inspire them to write their live theatre review and begin creating perfromance pieces for examination. Students worked closely with the actors to learn about how to bring the puppets to life with weight, breath and focus. Students gained information on how the puppets evolved and about HandSpring Puppet company in South Africa. Furthermore, students were able to take on the role of a director and design lighting and sound to fit specific scenes in War Horse.

The students agreed that War Horse was a production which brought together perfectly every element of theatre to create a beautiful story of friendship, love and the horrors of war. What stood out for the students was how such a space could be transformed in to many locations and how perfectly the pupeteers brought life to such objects. Every movement of the horse was perfectly executed leading students to believe whole heartedly in what was happening on stage, this led to some very strong emotional responses. Students were able to appreciate how much intricate detail and hard work goes in to creating such a powerful production. War Horse is a heart warming and truly inspirational piece which brought tears to our eyes!


Success at the Tetrathlon Championships

September 17, 2014 in Front Page News by Northfield

Harry has been hard at work since last season and now represents GB !!Harry Ward

Harry Ward finished a fantastic 2nd place at the Tetrathlon championships.
He won the swimming
He was ‘Clear’ in the cross country
Shooting  840pts
3 rd in the 2,000 metre run.

Harry was selected to be on the Home international team, which was a great honour and now rides with the GB badge.
A great achievement and testament to hardwork and dedication to training.

Also at the senior regional tetrathlon championships, Harry finished 7th overall competing with boys from 15-21yrs old.


Best Ever Examinations Results

September 16, 2014 in Exam Results, Front Page News, Year 11 by Northfield


This year, students and staff at Northfield are celebrate record breaking examination results!
The number of students achieving 5+A*-C including English and Maths is the highest ever achieved at the school and a 14% improvement on last year’s results.

111 students achieved 10 or more A*-C grades.
13 students achieved 10 or more A*/A grades.
English results improved by 16 % this year.
Maths results have risen by 21% since 2011.
181 students achieved 1+A*/A.

Headteacher Craig Walker was delighted with the improvements. “Staff, students and parents have worked hard this year and I am so pleased that our students have received the excellent academic results they deserve. Today we had a hall full of thrilled young people and their parents who were able to share their success with their teachers.”

High Achieving Students
14 A*/A: Megan Clark
13A*/A: Eleanor Davidson
11A*/A: Anna Breivik, Jessica Gibson, Emily Lau, William Henderson, Amy Dunhill
10A*/A: Rosie Caldwell, Thomas Siddons, Laura Freer, Morgan Murray, Aimee Connor, Robbie Ayton

Jessica Gibson, Megan Clark, Morgan Murray and Anna Brievik at the school prom. 46 A*/A’s between them!

Jessica Gibson, Megan Clark, Morgan Murray and Anna Brievik at the school prom. 46 A*/A’s between them!



The Young Americans 2015

September 15, 2014 in Front Page News by Miss C Dickinson


The Young Americans

10th-12th March 2015


Northfield School are very excited to announce that The Young Americans are, for the second time, working with students in Billingham, delivering performance education workshops to students of all ages.

For a chance to take part please read the following letter and download the consent form


Year 7 Start of Term

September 12, 2014 in Front Page News by Northfield

Year 7 Start of Term

Northfield’s Year 7 pupils have made an excellent start to their life at secondary school these past two weeks. Pupils have settled well into their tutor groups and are enjoying the range of activities in morning form time, such as the numeracy booklet and finding out about Success Club.

In lessons, pupils are already making excellent progress and exhibiting exemplary behaviour for learning. Pupils are enjoying the range of lessons so far, with many pupils commenting on the new skills and ideas they are learning. PE, French and Drama are proving very popular as pupils are experiencing a wider curriculum than at Primary level.

One quality of our new year group which has really shone out to all staff is the good manners and politeness of the Year Sevens. Furthermore, we believe the presentation of year seven has been exceptional; they are truly flying the flag for the new uniform, as you will see in the photos below. A big well done to all pupils.

Here are some of the year sevens explaining their impressions of Northfield so far:

“I have enjoyed meeting new people and starting to do more of the curriculum, such as Drama and French.”
Thomas Coyne

“Northfield is really great. Everybody is kind and helpful.”
Madaleine Nunn

“When I have needed help getting around, teachers and other students direct you or take you to the lesson where I’ve needed to be”
Erin Smith

“I like all my lessons because the teachers are so helpful and I’ve made lots of new friends since I’ve been here”
Annie Marcuzzi

“It’s better than my old school. I have made new friends and I love the food”
Adam Rennie

“It’s been excellent. The food is great and I like PE because we did the Wolviston run. There’s lots of really good after school clubs as well, such as football, which is great.”
Joshua Thornton

“I’ve really enjoyed the way we do sports, for example football, and I like all my lessons. I like how the timetable works so you have a variety of lessons in one day”
Kieran Bell

“I really like it because the curriculum is great and I’ve learned lots so far. I really like the uniform and all my new teachers”
Jake Lenham

Year 7 Teachers

Head of Year: Mr Tattersall
Assistant Head of Year: Miss Kirkbride
Year Manager: Mr Chapman
7TN: Mr Roberts
7TO: Miss Murphy
7TR: Mr Clayton
7TT: Mrs Longfield
7TH: Mrs Roberts
7TF: Mrs Comely
7TI: Mrs Adams
TTE: Mrs Moore
7TL: Mr Auton
7TD: Miss Sharif



September 11, 2014 in Front Page News, Year 10 by Mrs C Brown

A number of Y10 high achievers have just received the good news that they have been accepted onto an AS Critical Thinking Skills course which will be held in partnership with Stockton Sixth Form College for the first time this year. Students applied through a letter of application, the standard of which was extremely high. The course, delivered in school, by Stockton Sixth Form lecturers, covers a wide range of skills which will assist the students in not only complimenting their GCSEs but also achieving an AS Level qualification. We would like to congratulate all of the successful candidates.